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Scott Lee Gabriel

About Scott

Scott is a gifted intuitive, healer, life-coach, author, successful entrepreneur, speaker, network marketer, consultant & media personality .


This is important to you because, no matter which area of life you need help with, Scott has the ability, experience & proven track record of helping people just like you. 


Do you need intuitive guidance?Scott was born very intuitively gifted and has worked for decades to understand and hone whose gifts. He has worked with tens of thousands of clients in person, at events and mainly over the phone with an incredible track record of accuracy.

Do you need intuitive healing? Scott's Medical Intuitive & healing gifts are internationally known. He is a Natural healer and people started coming to him for healing when he was only 5 years old. The healing energy that flows through him has worked even when everything else had failed.

Do you need someone you can trust? Scott was a keynote speaker at a United Nations Sponsored Conference on Spirituality & Ethics, and works with Law Enforcement, Celebrities, Politicians and Business Leaders & was even honored with a Leadership Award from the United States Congress.He is also a minister and there is a scared, and even legal, bond of trust.

Are you an author? Scott has 2 published books and used to own a publishing company. He can help you through your blocks, publishing, marketing, publicity & distribution. Writing a book is an amazing experience, watching your book impact someone else's life is priceless! Scott can help you achieve your literary goals.

Are you an intuitive, consultant or life coach? Scott has built his successful private practice that is internationally known & well respected and can help you do the same. Scott can help you brand & market yourself, utilize spiritual and technological tools to help your practice thrive!

Would you like to grow your "brick and mortar", on-line, catalog or network marketing business? Scott has started, owned and grown several of his own businesses and successfully consulted with numerous others with great success that has resulted in tens of millions in revenue. Scott's track record is so impressive that he was appointed to the Congressional Business Advisory Council where he was named Chairman & was featured in the Presidential Who's Who of Entrepreneurial Americans.

Do you need more publicity ? Scott has made over 300 media appearances annually. He has been featured on TV, Radio, Podcasts, the Internet, News papers & magazines. Scott will work with you and give you step by step strategies to getting as much media attention as you desire.

Do you need an additional source of purpose and revenue? Do you love helping people? Do you want more abundance in your life? Imagine if you woke up everyday on a mission of helping yourself and others improve physically, spiritually, relationally and even financially. Imagine if you had all the tools and strategic partnerships that would make that all possible. You an do it! We can help! You might have what it takes to earn your wings as one of Gabriel's Angels.A lot of other people already have and are so glad that they did. Their whole world is changing for the better and yours can too! 

"What no one else had been able to achieve,-Scott did, in our first session, over the phone,."

Karen Rowland

​Chicago, IL

Get to know Scott...

" The insight you had about a great many aspects of my life was extremely helpful and enlightening. In fact, I felt more at ease and confident after the reading."


​Hong Kong, China