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Scott Lee Gabriel

The Inheritance - a Vision

By: Scott Christiansen Gabriel

""As you enter the dusty corridors so vividly captured in The Inheritance, you enter a realm where reality is illusion. or is it? Be prepared for a breathtaking journey that will stretch your imagination to its boundaries. And if you enter these pages with the knowledge that you are about to experience much more than a delightful story, you will come away with a knowledge that can and will impact your life forever. Scott masters the art of the tale in The Inheritance. The beauty of this fast-paced book is much more than the visual journey he shares. It's more than the human interaction and inner-action. It's more than the intrigue that is laced through each page. It is a mystery coiled in an enigma and hidden in plain view that will leave you with a mind opening ah-ha moment! What a fabulous book! Love the concept, love the story, and especially love the message!!! It left me grinning from ear to ear." Brit Elders; Author, Columnist, Documentary Filmmaker, & CEO - www.ShirleyMacLaine.com

Bridging the Gap -

Between the Christian and Metaphysical Worlds

By: Scott Christiansen Gabriel

"It is Scott's goal, through his book, Bridging the Gap, that people will be able to find the link between what they were taught and what they experience. I recommend this book to anyone that is trying to merge Christianity & Metaphysics."

- Shirley MacLaine

"Bridging the Gap is easy reading, simple and short. This book would be a great help to anyone who feels torn between their Christianity basics and their curiosity towards the metaphysical. As a gift to a young person, Scott's simple explanations could provide a peaceful and empowered view to what could otherwise be a fear-filled upbringing."

- Stephen Clearheart Johnson, Editor of Healing Path Magazine

Bridging the Gap -

Between the Christian and Metaphysical Worlds

(Audio Book)

By: Scott Christiansen Gabriel

Published by: Continued Search Publishing

Produced by: Foggy Notion Studios

Audio length: Approximately 3 1/2 hours

This is Bridging the Gap - Between the Christian and Metaphysical Worlds are read by the author, Scott Gabriel. This audio book was recorded and produced professionally at Foggy Notion Studios. 

Audio book are wonderful for anyone who is sight impaired, or anyone who commutes or takes road trips, or for anyone who likes to multitask. Additionally, it is a nice touch to have the book brought to life by the voice of its author and studio quality recording and production.

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