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Scott Lee Gabriel

Bridging the Gap -

Between the Christian & Metaphysical Worlds...

By: Scott Christiansen Gabriel

129 pages, published in 2002 by Continued Search Publishing

I was born very metaphysically gifted, yet raised religious. This caused an internal gap in my belief system. I understand the religion of Christianity as a lifelong Christian and non-denominational minister. I also understand the paranormal, spiritual and metaphysical gifts and tools as I was born very spiritually gifted and a lifelong study trying to understand and develop these gifts and understandings more fully. 

Maybe you have similar gaps. Maybe you are religious but trying to understand a loved one who is more spiritual. Maybe you are spiritual yet trying to find common ground with loved ones who are more religious.

This book is designed to demystify areas of spirituality and metaphysics, but it is also more than that. It is an invitation to question, to gain knowledge and understanding. It is also a journey into YOU. You may get to know yourself in a more full and complete way than you ever have before. 

Are you ready to take this journey with me?


"The emphasis of the special and personal book is to bridge the inner gaps many people feel that has not been filled by traditional religion. We are invited to question everything we know or think we know, and open ourselves up to a new way of feeling, thinking and perceiving the world around us. Most important of all, the author asks us to challenge our beliefs and re-frame them based upon our own inner knowing, rather than the wisdom of the outer world."

~Rev. Marie Jones, Author, Book Reviewer

"Bridging the Gap introduces metaphysical areas from auras, astrology, numerology and palmistry to the basic questions of life, while focusing on the task of self-knowledge. Scott shares his own personal work, which I found honorable and deeply trusting. It was highly intriguing to read about the various metaphysical tools available to us."

~Angel Hutchinson, Founder of Spirit Works, writer & lecturer