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Scott Lee Gabriel

Scott, at 8 years old, gets his First Job!

I know what you are thinking, what kind of business would hire an eight-year-old kid? The answer, a smart one, and here is why. When Scott was 8 he was in the scouts and trying to earn his Computing Merritt Badge. This was around 1980 and the only computer expert in the small town of 5,000 owned the local print shop. After school he would head to the print shop only to find it closed for a half hour every day, losing a ton of business. By creatively marketing himself and solving the business's problem, he created a job for himself! 

CEO Scott grows a Company from $30k to MILLIONS in just a couple of years!!

Scott grew a small startup out of a living room to all 50 states and 26 countries inside of just a few short years. Have you ever tried using your digital camera or camcorder outdoors only to not be able to see the screen because the sunlight washed it out? We created a collapsible 4 sided box with an elastic band that solved that problem. Scott grew the company into an 8,000 sq. ft. facility and streamlined everything so the company made $19.95 profit on a $19.95 item. We also did OEM projects for the NFL, Nikon, the US Military and Law Enforcement

CEO Scott grows a Promotion Products Company from $450k to $28 Million annually!

Have you ever seen a product with a company's name or logo on it, like a pen or a coffee cup? A 10-year-old Promotional Products company had topped out at $455 thousand annually before Scott took over. Scott took the company from 1 employee to over 80 employees and sales up to $28 Million per year. The company grew to a 10,000 sq. ft. facility, and changed everything, software, hardware, business model, printing, mailing, targeted mailing lists and grew to the revenues to unheard of heights making it a national player.

Scott & Mary open an "Alternative Therapies Clinic"...

Did you know that 1/3 of all Americans now seek "alternative therapies" over western medicine? When you see a commercial for a pharmaceutical drug on TV, the list of side effects often seem worse than what the drug was designed to treat, and it almost never actually solves the problem. We offered Alternative Therapies from Hypnotherapy, Energy Cleanse, Energy Alignment, Healing, Detoxification, Color Therapy, Meditation, Guided Visualization, Past Life Regression Therapy, Sound Attunements, Essential Oils, Plant Essences & Supplements all with wonderful results!     

Scott Opens a Computer Sales & Service Center!

After moving back to Belle Fourche, SD from Los Angeles, CA, Scott noticed that the small town had a huge need for technology and technological expertise. Doc Gadget Computers was born to fill that need and service the community. Scott grew the small brick and mortar shop 300% annually and secured government contracts, commercial and residential accounts, and built a thriving retail business.  

Scott, a part-time High School Student, is listed as Top 30 Sales people in a company with 300 stores!

Scott always worked to be the best. In high school he had a part time job at a Cutlery World store in the Redondo Beach Galleria Mall. As a part time high school student, due to his sales and commissions, he was earning more than most adults. In fact, he was regularly listed as one of the top 30 sales people in the company of 2,400 employees (most of them were full time). He was so successful in fact that he was actually fired 13 times due to a jealous manager but was obviously rehired every time thanks to a wise area manager.

Scott takes the world of Direct Sales / Network Marketing by storm!

Scott has directly partnered with over 150 people who are committed to making tomorrow better than yesterday, not only for themselves, but for countless others as well. So far his team has grown to well over 1,000+ people with new people coming on board every day. Scott has become a student of the industry learning from those who have become giants generating tens of thousands in revenue monthly. Scott is on the advisory board of this company and has been one the highest ranked and top paid people in this business for the past 4 years. He has also earned a FREE Mercedes Benz & countless prizes. Partner with Scott and let him help make your dreams a reality too!

Scott, at 8 years old, starts his First Business!

I bet you have had your doorbell ring only to find a small boy asking if he could mow your lawn to make extra money. Scott was that boy. However, he found it much more enjoyable to get the business than it was actually do the manual labor part. However, he knew lots of other boys who were happy to actually mow the lawns. So, he concentrated on getting customers, buying used lawn mowers and scheduling the other boys to actually do the work. He figured that, even with overhead, it was better to get a percentage of 10 people's efforts than 100% of only your own!

Scott, at 13, opens a Convenience Store!

Scott was raised poor, and rarely was there ever candy in the house. So he took part of his earnings from his print shop job and would buy candy bars by the case and store them in his locker at school. Between classes other students wanted to buy one for 50 cents. It didn't take long before he had more cases of candy than books. That is where it all began. It led to an Entrepreneurial Class, articles of incorporation, build out of a student store and contracts with Coke, Mars, Deli Express and enough employees for the store to be open throughout the day.

Scott, Business Consultant, helps Turn Businesses Around and absolutely Prosper!

Scott works directly with business owners and industry leaders to help with every aspect of business enhancement. First Scott has to roll up his shirt sleeves and see what you are already doing. From there he helps to streamline and enhance it while looking at new revenue centers and how to position your company to make more, spend less and ultimately grow in the direction of your goals and dreams.

Scott & Mary plant a new Non-Denominational Church, "Connections"

Scott was ordained as a minister in 2002. He began guest ministering at a wide variety of churches throughout the area. Because of Scott's spiritual gifts, unique experiences and metaphysical as well as religious understandings, many people asked him to minister weekly. When he felt the “calling” though, Connections was born... Connecting with people on a spiritual level every Sunday morning for 4 1/2 years and watching those people and relationships transform through spirit is AMAZING!!! 

Scott is an Intuitive Consultant with 25+ years and an outstanding track record!

Scott's has an extensive track record for his work as a Intuitive Consultant / Healer / Minister / Author / Media Personality. Scott’s work is internationally known, respected and highly sought after. He has worked with tens of thousands of clients worldwide including celebrities, politicians, law enforcement, Fortune 500 Companies, small to mid-size businesses & other ministers, intuitives, healers and life coaches and people just like you. His clarity and accuracy is astounding which keeps his clients coming back whenever they need help.