Scott, your healing has helped me so much.  I am evolving and I hope, growing and moving forward in my life.  I no longer need strong prescription narcotic pain medication.   My physicians are amazed and impressed by this.  I am believing in the miracle that life can be again.  There are no words to express my appreciation to you for giving me back my life.  I am no longer living in a lonely cocoon filled with severe chronic pain and deep depression.  My Muse has returned and I am able to imagine and create again.  Because of your intervention, I hope to discover my new purpose and path one day.  God bless you for being such a blessing to my loved ones and me. 
Mary Lydic 
Retired RN
Denver, CO

Hey Scott!!!!!
Thanks for coming on the did great and I enjoyed having you on the show.
Bill Metz, Host
Paranormal Awareness Radio Show
1490AM WWPR, Bradenton/Sarasota/Tampa Bay, Florida

     I met Scott and recieved a reading from him here in Denver at the Metaphysical Fair. I didn't really have any questions during my first reading, but Scott took a moment and told me what he got. Well, that's when the questions started and I wanted to know more and more. Each time I've talked with Scott I've learned more about myself and my chosen path. I recommend to anyone with questions out there to contact Scott for a reading. No matter what your questions pertain to I know that Scott can be a HUGE HELP!! I felt more empowered and more directed after our conversations and that is a wonderful feeling. I would love to share it with everyone. Scott can make you feel the same way I do now; Empowered, Focused, Directed, and very very Content in my Chosen Path. 

Jason Kendrick
Denver CO .

       I met with Scott to work with my dogs Ruger, who was diagnosed with cancer and Remi who was diagnosed with Lupus. After Ruger's second visit with Scott I took hi in for blood work and he was given a clean bill of health. The vet noticed he still had a small infection but nothing in the rest of his blood work was off and stated "it is a mystery". She was not sure what had happed but gave if a clean bill of health. As for Remi, we have been able to start cutting back her meds and we hope we can stop them all together. Thank you for allowing me to enjoy them longer!!!
T. Kirko
Riverton, WY

        What no one else had been able to achieve,-Scott did, in our first session, over the phone, 12 months ago. Scott and his spirit companions did surgery within my aura, my spirit, and my astral body, thus setting up the chain of healing events to effect my physical body. Six months later, Scott came for a visit and we did our second session, Scott brought the Holy Light in with him, and he bravely searched for and found my core-self, peeking out ever so slightly, from behind the wall. There had been damage to all of my 13 layers, Scott willed his hands to be healing instruments, and then he just let the healing flow. It was a very long healing session, it had been a long day already and we started late evening, after he had done previous sessions with others, Scott lay his hands in position and then he rested while the Holy Spirit worked on me. I wondered if I would need to wake Scott, but I remembered earlier in the day, when Scott told me that he had been doing healing work, while in his sleep, or in a trance, so I figured he would rouse, when my tank was full, and he did. Scott has remarkable attention to the work of the Spirit, it is his window to the world, and his doorway to life. The Spirit is his front and center, pretty much, 24-7. Here is a young man, re-connecting me to myself and to my world. Now, six months after our second session, and lo and behold, I have begun to hear my own Guides again, after many years of being "spiritually deaf" I distinctly heard the familiarity, of my own inner sage, in jubilation at the recognition I was surely healing, the words of my guide, "Trust!- Trust Scott, trust in the Holy Light, trust in life, trust in love, trust in mankind, trust in self." Well, there was the golden nugget, Scott (and his Spirit Guides) had successfully recovered my soul. The good news is, no matter how long you are away from Gods Light, when you return, you pick right up where you left off. Now, after 45+ years of not trusting, I was being given permission and direction, to trust. Trust is the child of Hope, Hope and Charity are sisters. Their mother, is Faith, Faith is a daughter, of God. It was all coming back to me, my core self was being given much needed oxygen, it felt like I had been dead for far too long, and now new life was filling me up again, the yolk of Christ was nourishing me, and my consciousness was returning, with all the "Pearls of Wisdom" that I had learned in my youth, and the fruits, of the seeds, which I had planted, while still young and dedicated to Jesus Path, I saw Scott, as one of those seeds, that I had lovingly planted, so many years ago, as I asked God, for a Savior, like Jesus, to come and save me. See, God really does hear us! 
I care not, to ponder the whys of my demise, or blame and punish my tormentors, nor remember why I had hid my light, till nearly gone out. Thanks to Scott, his Lightwork, and the Holy Source, I am new. The present and future are filled with Light, and in it, I shall thrive- trusting! Now, six months after my second session with Scott, I have accomplished some life-path goals. I have earned Certificates in Chakra Energy Work, Parapsychology & Paranormal, and have completed a Master Reiki Certification. I am on my path and growing in Light each day. I will for many lifetimes, be thanking Scott for the "healing" which he facilitated wtih-in me. There was no wound too deep, for him to find, and heal. I, Karen M. Rowland testify to that fact. Scott, I want to thank you so much for coming to Riverton, Wyoming and for talking to me and Allen. I still have not figured out the yellow electric guitar, but am working on it. I slept for the first time since Allen's death, and feel some much as though a weight has been lifted. I do not cry all the time anymore, and I can now think of Allen when he was being himself, instead of all the pain he was in at the end of his life. Thank you for helping me get past that. 
Mary Longtime,
Riverton, WY

        Our first reading was a little over a year ago. First of all I want to tell you that everything we talked about and everything you told me would happen in my life, either facts or directions, it did happen. Some earlier, others later, but it all came to pass. So, I've been thinking about getting another reading in a while and I guess now I am ready. 
Take care,
Los Angeles, CA

        I had a private reading with Scott & I asked him about my Grandmother Diane who crossed over 6 years ago. I wasn't very close with her but my Father was. He was not at the reading. Scott said she is showing me a passenger train, ceremaic angel salt & pepper shakers,& a display case(wooden & glass) with cartoon character collectibles in it. of course, I wasn't sure about any of these things so that night I called my Father who was very close with her and asked him about all of these things. The first thing he started to do was cry like a baby. He said the last 10 years of her life she would ride the metro link (a passenger train system in California) back & forth to work every day. Well her last job she worked for Walt Disney in their main office & she collected Walt Disney figurines & kept them in a wooden & glass display case that is now in my Dad's livingroom along with the ceramic angel salt & pepper shakers. I was floored at how accurate Scott was with everything he said. It was wonderful for my Dad. He actually feels like he has closure now, finally after 6 years.
Thanks so much Scott-
Heather Olson
Riverton, Wyoming

        You did a reading for me on the APSR Radio with Dr. Jimmy and Heather :) Amanda from Florida and i asked bout the kid thing and my daddy being around me and i just want to let you know that you hit that nail right on the head. i have gone thru sooo much and my dad was always there for me. some times we were close as close could be ( like you said ) and other times he just didn’t understand me . My son and him were joined at the hip and my son thought that was his daddy. his papa ...and i was just thinking bout him a lot lately and it was nice to hear when you confirmed it that there was some type of energy round me and ya i should make time for my wonderful spirits daily. but we all know how life is right :) 
        Thanks again sooo much Scott and have a safe trip down here to Florida. 
        Maybe one time i will ask you bout my mom and make sure her cancer stays in remission and my bros kidney stones don’t kill him. again thank you and take care
Amanda l Rizzardini

          Scott, This is Janis Trammell and you did a reading and healing session with me at Edith's Floral in Riverton Wyoming this last Saturday. I initially felt that the healing did not take but guess what - it is slowing healing and the tremendous searing pain has slowly lessened - it took more than 12 hours to set in - but I can't thank you enough. I am now in an excellent PT group that is using water to help strengthen the spine and paraspinsous muscle that you managed to untangle. Thank you so much!!!
Janis Trammell
Riverton, WY

        The reading with you was phenominal. You were right on all you noticed. Some of the items you noticed was the crown chakra twisted, 3rd eye issue, heart blown up, having to create everything from scratch such as my foundation and who I even am. You were able to pick up the physical body issues I am dealing with and the reasoning of those issues.Thank you so much for the reading and the healing. I felt better than I had in a long time as well as got confirmation as to what has been and was going on.
Carol Briggs
Casper, WY

        Yes while rounding the house during the investigation my left knee popped. I was only able to hobble and could not bend the knee. This has been a bad knee for some time and I have been holding off on surgery. Scott layed hands on first my chest then the knee. For a couple days it felt like it was changing ( Hard to explain ) But today about five days later the knee is flexible and no pain. I am getting ready to start light exercise with it . I will be in touch with Scott to look into his classes also.
Casey McCarthy 
Land o Lakes, Fla.

Scott: Thank you so much for being a guest on my show Conversations from Beyond. You brought many validations and helpful messages to those that called or wrote in. I hope you will bless us many times with your gifts and charm by becoming a regular guest on future shows. 
Blessings & Light, Lenny Feldsott

        We at South Florida Ghost Team would like to take a moment and thank Scott Christiansen for his assistance in helping SFGT with an very important case. Scott and SFGT recently helped a family that had no where to turn when the paranormal turned on them. Scott was very instrumental when it came time to clear the house of its unwelcomed inhabitants. We witnessed Scotts skills first hand in dealing with the unwanted entities. The family has now moved back and reclaimed thier home. Scott thank You from everyone in the SFGT organization. 
Gary Bussa -Manager
South Florida Ghost Team

        I am Shaun Jones, Founder and Director of South Florida Ghost Team. Scott was brought down to Florida to assist my team (South Florida Ghost Team) on a very difficult case involving a family being physically attacked by demonic entities. We knew they were telling the truth in the beginning and besides, who would spend close to $800 to fly someone down if it weren't real? Anyway.... 
        These people were miserable to the point that most of them moved into an apartment and whatever it was, seemed to follow then there too. Well, we arrived at the location, Scott did a protection prayer over all of us and we proceeded setting up our equipment. 
        As the evening went on, my shoulder started to hurt really bad as it had been for months. My hand would even be numb. Scott began to do a healing over me. He would place his hand over my head and shoulder areas and without touching me at all, I felt a warmth radiating from his hands onto my head and shoulders. He also did some healing with some of my team members who stated that they feel so much lighter and better. After he was done with the healing, I never felt another pain in my shoulder the entire night. Once we done with the investigation, Scott went in and began cleansing the home of the demonic presence. I don't know what he said or did, but, the family has called me since and declared that they have never had such a feeling of peace and freedom as they do now. They told me that the air is so light and they even breathe easier. Since Scott cleansed that home and healed my shoulder, neither the client or I, have had any more problems or pain. I want to thank you Scott for all you have done. You are truly gifted by the Lord and one day I will have to fly you down and have you relax and enjoy yourself here in Florida with me and my team. 
Bless you!
Shaun Jones - Founder / Director
South Florida Ghost Team

        I felt a sense of security when meeting him. A very calm, easy going person. When he sat me down and placed his hands over me, I felt unusual. I felt heat and slight vibration. I felt and know I was twitching some. I felt so relaxed. Something that I have not felt in the longest of time (ages ago). After he went over my right knee and feet, there was a sharp pain, but that quickly disapated. It then felt as if the pain was trickling down and away from my body. AWESOME! Feel great still and pray to God each night to keep the changes. I am as well more calmer at home and at work..more laid back. 
Paul – Assistant Manager SFGT
South Florida Ghost Team

        I want to thank you for being a guest on the Kevin Smith Show. As I told you before the show, I do not do the "gee-wiz, good golly Miss Molly" type of show usually associated with paranormal talk shows. I really try to get to the information to which we are seldom exposed. 
        It is my position that when a person publishes a book, they should be able to explain its contents to the rest of us. You did. For two hours, I asked you tough questions. For two hours, you responded intelligently and in a manner the rest of us could understand. 
        I would highly recommend you to any other talk show as a guest of the highest caliber. If other hosts want a guest who can speak intelligently about and understandably about his topic, they want Scott Christiansen. 
Again, thanks much.
Kevin W. Smith

        Almost 3 years ago my 19 year old son passed away & as you would assume, my ex-husband & I were devastated. A friend suggested meeting with Scott so we went to a gallery type reading he was doing here in Rapid City. To make a long story short, Scott was a wonderful help for us. Most amazing was his ability to "go with the flow". This was a first for us, & ended up a first, I believe, for Scott when my son insisted that what I wanted the most was to hold my son in my arms one more time & that Scott could help. I could tell Scott was not exactly comfortable with this type of reading, but he agreed. He put his arms around both my ex and myself for the hug my son insisted on. What blew us away that night, & still does, is that all of a sudden it was Josh hugging us, not Scott. I don't know how to explain it, but Scott's shoulders felt wider, he felt taller, & he smelled exactly like our son. It was the most amazing feeling, & I know, completely know, it was my son who I was holding just one more time. That was the beginning of our healing & I will forever be grateful to Scott. He proved to me he is not only a professional, but was willing to take that extra step even when it was at the urging of a headstrong 19 year old from the other side.
Thank you, Scott.
Karen Mack

        Thank you very much for a wonderful reading. I enjoyed it very much and above all you gave me a lot to be happy and grateful about… The insight you had about a great many aspects of my life was extremely helpful and enlightening. In fact, I felt more at ease and confident after the reading. I am looking forward to the dates you gave- as turning points in my life. I shall keep you updated... I am grateful to the universe for bringing you to this juncture of my life. I shall contact you once again, soon, for another reading.
Thank you very much. Blessings, 
Hong Kong, China

        I immediately felt comfortable with Scott during the reading because I could feel his integrity and sincerity. It was like talking to your best friend who loves you and wants the best for you. His perceptions were very accurate and he offered intelligent and practical solutions to several issues. With Scott's background and education, he is knowledgable concerning issues relating to the soul's purpose and mission in this lifetime. The information he related to me was of great value to my life's work and also to my relationships with people that are closest to me. He clearly understood my love for animals and how this drives my life's work. I highly recommend him as a counselor that can be trusted.
Agnes Thomas, PhD
Cleveland, OH
Author of Pets Tell the Truth

        As a Talk Radio Show Host of the most popular APSR Paranormal Talk Radio Show, I have been very impressed with Scott as to his uncanny abilities to reach people from many methods. Whether on the phone, chat room, etc... this is one psychic/medium who is genuine and authentic. Scott has also help us with some situations where he was right on the money. 
Dr. Jimmy Lowery
Host Of APSR Paranormal Talk Radio Show
"Your Southern Connection To The Paranormal"

        I met Scott and had my first session at a Holistic Fair in Casper, WY. He told us he was always honest in what he saw. That impressed me right away. I had a reading. I asked him how our daughter died. We had a lot of unanswered questions. He described the whole accident down to the speed and the cause. I can’t put it into words how much this helped me. I know that she is at peace and so am I now. (He answered my every question). Scott also did a healing on my leg. I had a bone fragment that the Dr.’s had missed when I had surgery. It gave me a lot of pain. He did a hands on healing. The bone fragment disappeared and it no longer bothers me. Scott can help you in so many ways. It is truly a spiritual experience. He has helped my husband and I and family and friends. Please let him help you too. I can’t spread his name fast enough!
Pam Barber
Torrington, WY

       A good friend had told me about a psychic medium, Scott Christiansen, who had helped his family and himself in a number of ways. He then told me that Scott was going to be in our town of Torrington, WY and thought I should go. As an ABSOLUTE SCEPTIC, I was not sure that I should go, but I trusted my friend enough to try, THANK YOU! I totally was not prepared but I asked Scott some questions, pertinent to me, and he answered them all with complete accuracy. I had also been having problems with my breathing due to a bout with Pneumonia. I was taking antibiotics and inhalation aerosol treatments, just to breathe. I told Scott about this and he asked if he could try helping me to breathe a little better, I said yes. He laid his hands on my neck and upper chest for about 10 minutes. When he finished, I was shocked. I could breathe without coughing and have not taken the treatments or medication since, nor have I had the chest problem. Did he make a believer out of me? ABSOLUTELY! I want to see him again when I am more prepared and not so skeptical or unsure of what to expect. Scott is a remarkable man and as soon as you meet him you will feel like you have always known him, he makes you feel like you have found a long lost friend. Scott Christiansen is a caring, honest, personable man with a big heart. THANKS SCOTT! I will see you again, soon, I hope! 
Shirley Niederkorn
Torrington, WY

       It was so fun to have a reading from you, and I am still flying from the energy of the Holistic Fair. I was also reacquainted with a person that I was in a class with, and she is a friend of yours, MaryBeth. It is wonderful to be around people who are so positive. Thank you again for the wonderful enlightenment. You are a gift to me, and I felt so comfortable that I know you were sent to me. God Bless you, and I can't wait for you to come to Casper for a weekend seminar. 
Sue Johnson
Casper, WY

       I want to thank you for the pathway clearing. Your energy is warm, comforting, loving, strong and feels very much like home (spiritual home) It has helped a great deal already. I got home and the energy of my crystals were ready to work with me again, I started back on my morning swim schedule and hopefully, I can finish the work I need to do with my mother in a more loving environment. I greatly appreciate the time it took to clear the pathways. 
Mary Rookstool
Casper, WY

        Scott is a loving soul and a gifted seer and healer.  In both my personal reading with Scott, as well as in a past life regression session, Scott was simultaneously grounded, clear, sensible and sound, as well as spiritually connected with an uncanny knowing.  He also has a delightful sense of humor and an endearing humility!  Scott hones straight into the heart of the matter -- literally with so much love and attention to selfless service that it warmed the phone line and made me smile.  In my personal reading, Scott went straight to the issues and concerns that were most important to me and, at times, he described them for me before I could frame a question for him.  In the process, he led me within to find the answers I realized were -- and are -- there all the time.  Please listen to Scott's interview with Shirley Maclaine on her IE radio website!  Scott blends and weaves wisdom, healing, and loving guidance from our deepest spiritual traditions, including the soul of our Judeo Christian world wisdom tradition,  as well as many others -- all of which emerge from the same wellspring.  Scott surfs in the field of being and connects us with the ground of our own being.
         I knew little about past life regression before being led by Scott to a point in a past life that was familiar and ultimately healing.  The visualization process Scott uses is deceptively simple, here-and-now, and grounded.  At the same time, the process allows one to "tap into" or, "download" as Scott would say, past experience and self-awareness on a soul level.  This is a powerful form of therapy.  I realized that you have to trust the visualization even when it can feel like,  "I'm just making this up".   Yes, but, it had to come from somewhere!  Psychologists would say that it is simply a projection -- a story line based on a free-association of current underlying dilemmas, concerns, and personal conflicts.  Yes, but, where did it come from?  The experience was moving and felt genuine.  Scott also does a wonderful job of explaining the regression process.  This includes an emotional component that is essential to the process "feeling" genuine.  Most of us fear that part being way too painful or overwhelming.  Scott, somehow, is able to  mediate that and, at the same time, offers the means to "integrate" and gain key awareness for corrective action!  The healing that comes through regression is like a very simple, beautiful, golden key that unlocks the experiences and conflicts of the past and frees one forever.   We all have a lot more to learn from Scott and more to understand about this healing journey he leads you through time.  The experience is liberating, loving and fun.  I love what Scott does and how he does it and wish you this gift to yourself! 
With love and thanks, 
Louisa Walker, Ph.D.
New Zealand Registered Clinical Psychologist

        I had heard about Scott from a friend of mine who raved about her reading with him. When I saw the story about the woman with a constant headache for years that was healed, I knew I HAD to contact Scott. I have been dealing with a 24 hour a day headache since 10/1/95 due to a neck injury...which was made worse in a hit-and-run car accident on 9/5/04. At this point, due to nerve damage, the right side of my face is drooping slightly and the MDs and numerous alternative methods I've tried have been useless.
        I already knew that I had a long history of dying due to things happening to my neck in previous lives...and did try to release the traumas in past life regression, but even that didn't work. I realized during my 2 hour phone session with Scott that the reason my prior attempts didn't work was because I didn't EMOTIONALLY understand, forgive, and thank. I was pretty good at understanding what happened to me "rationally". He led me through the process of clearing out one especially bad past life death and helped me make the connection to things in my current life associated with it. In trying to describe what the session was like, the only way I can really describe it is to call it psychology at a soul level over the rainbow of time. Where normal counseling is more superficially limited, this approach treated my soul's growth since the beginning of time. Scott helped me see that even bad things served a higher purpose, and assisted me with healing the pain. 
        Scott toured my spine and accurately described what he saw going on in my neck (at least from what doctors have guessed) and did energy work to assist in rewiring my damaged aura. It is now less than 48 hours later, and although I am not pain free with my face restored...I honestly feel a shift and think I'm on the way to recovery. I have my homework to do which will continue that which we began 2 days ago. My pain is fluctuating, which in and of itself is a good sign. Usually it doesn't budge. I am hopeful I'll have a better future. 
        I also got very helpful information about more "frivolous" topics like, "Where should I live?" To prove his accuracy, one of the two places I was considering relocating to was the first place Scott mentioned. :-)
        Well, this testimonial is probably too long, but I wanted to mention everything to help others coming to this website to understand what Scott offers. His readings are more than standard intuitive readings.
West Hollywood, CA

        I have worked with Scott for the past two years. I help take care of all of the details so that Scott can remained focused on “the work” he is here to do. I have worked with him at most of the Psychic Fairs, as I schedule his readings for him. I, not being clairvoyant, really watch other practitioners especially when they are reading for clients, as it is a learning opportunity for me. When I watch Scott working it is such an amazing thing to me because I can actually see his aura and it is so beautiful to watch. When I am scheduling for Scott at fairs, being empathic, the amount of energy that he gives off, the total commitment to the client that he has, and the little secret that I know, is just amazing. What is that secret you ask? Well, it is the fact that “he” is still in such awe of everything metaphysical. The feeling that he sends out on the way to the fairs, setting up at the fairs and through the whole fair, is that of a child thoroughly inspired by the magic of Christmas trying to stay up all night to see a glimpse of Santa Clause or at least hear the patter of the reindeer’s foot steps on the roof, but alas falling asleep to wake up in awe of the magic Christ’s birth, Christmas morning. The most important thing about Scott that I feel everyone should know about is his intention, integrity and honesty. These three commitments to himself and to his guides is very strong and I feel the level of his gifts given to him by God are due to his commitment to intention, integrity and honesty. I guess what I am trying to say is that … I am and remain in awe of Scott and his gifts and it is so more that just readings he does and his percentage of accuracy of those readings.
Belle Fourche, SD

        I first became acquainted with Scott as a holistic fair coordinator and quickly became very fond of this naturally gifted young man.  He is intuitive beyond his years and comes from a conservative background which has served him well in years past.  His gifts have helped many fair goers to find their spiritual direction and his integrity in the way that he works with others and myself is one of his most important qualities.  Scotts connection with Spirit is his truest gift to which he is devoted daily.  This connection is the truest part of who he is.  He is to be commended for taking the risk and presenting himself to the world in order to help others. 
Judy Chapman 
Casper, WY

        Our experience with Scott was something that we have been searching for since the death of our daughter. It was truly a spiritual experience as he was able to ask and receive answers to questions that we have had since her passing. We also found out that her aunt and uncle are with her and taking care of her. It gave us much peace in our hearts. Since then we have come to know Scott better and he is now considered an honorary member of the family. Just recently my niece had major surgery and was not healing properly. She was left with a 4 inch deep gaping wound that would not close. My daughter called Scott and told him the problem and he immediately went to my niece and talked to her and performed a healing session. She returned to the Dr. 2 days later and the he was amazed to see that she had healed an inch and a half from the inside out. He asked what she had been putting on the wound that made it heal so fast. She then told him that she had been scene be a natural healer. The Dr., with a strange look on his face said, "whatever your faith allows, it worked.” Scott has helped our family more then I can express with mere words. He is the real thing. I can truly say that I am looking forward to having another reading with Scott and I would encourage anyone that is having trouble dealing with the loss of a loved one, to find some one like Scott and have a session. Thank you Scott.
Linda Mace
Tilford, SD 

        I am not sure how to start this. If I started from the beginning it would be longer then a couple of paragraphs: Meeting Scott was a prayer answered for me. My parents have had many questions without answers since my sister died. My mother and I disagree for the most part about most religious subjects but the one thing we both agree upon is that there are people that can communicate with the dead. Scott is one who can. My sister committed suicide and it devastated my family. For 13 years I looked for someone like Scott that could give my parents answers and closure. I don't know why it took so long. Maybe they weren't ready yet or maybe my sister wasn't. I saw Scott first. I wanted to make sure he was real before I encouraged my parents to go. After my first visit I was convinced. After their visit with Scott, they came to my house and I could see an immediate change in them both. They seemed to be breathing easier and my mom could actually talk about my sister without crying for the first time since her death. I could list all of the things that have convinced me, but for anyone that has had an experience with Scott or someone that does what he does, they do not need convincing. My copy of Scott's book has been shared many times with family and friends and I can honestly say that it has opened many eyes. Thank you Scott, we would still be in emotional limbo without you!
Rhonda Tingey
Belle Fourche, SD

        After having a reading done by Scott many of the worries my wife Carrie and myself had were cleared for new incite into why things happened as they do, My wife Carrie really needed the information Scott gave us on how spiritual information and the love from God were all available to anyone who has faith in the Lord.
Krag And Carrie Kraft
Lusk, WY

        A year ago I had a past life reading with Scott Christiansen at a Holistic Fair in Casper, WY. I got in touch with some visions and feelings I had "felt" for quite a while regarding that life. Everything he told me during that reading seems so right and comfortable. We met again this Spring and through unique circumstances happened into some one on one time. Scott said, “Well Elaine, everything happens for a reason and I think we must have some work to do." He regressed me thru the "white room" to a part of that same past life, and again I felt most certainly the truth of all the feelings and visions I saw and had at that time. He is a truly gifted person and visionary. He is such a gift truly need to be shared with the world!!! 
Elaine Richert
Casper, WY

Joyce Chandler is dedicated to the work of spirit which she offers as a webdesigner and webmistress of spiritually oriented websites and as Executive Vice President of Spirit Circle (since 2001). She also offers life enrichment and personal growth facilitation via Shamballa Multi-Dimensional Healing, the Lightarian Rays, Lightarian Source Ray and the Lightarian AngelLinks, and Lightarian Reiki. Her goal and her joy is to provide options for personal growth and spiritual development so that everyone can lead healthier and happier lives. Joyce always places you and your needs at the very top of her list.

        Scott is an amazing, truly gifted "spiritual worker".  My first reading with him was very healing for me over the loss of my dad.  Since that time I have had many readings and experiences with Scott.  Through Scott's teachings and experience I have begun to develop my own abilities.  I feel that he has been very instrumental in my own spiritual growth which I am very thankful for. His book "Bridging The Gap" is a must read.  His talents continue to amaze me.  
Danielle Butler 
Belle Fourche, SD

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