The Inheritance - a Vision

By: Scott Christiansen Gabriel

188 pages, Published in 2007 by Continued Search Publishing

It is my belief that we all have an "inheritance" just waiting for us to collect. We, as spiritual beings chose to have a human experience, having the "inherited" ability to create our own realities. We all utilize this "inheritance" in every moment of every day. Millions of people have either studied metaphysical teachings, quantum physics, or watched the movies "What the Bleep do We Know" and/or "The Secret". If you have done any of the above, then you understand your unlimited creating and manifesting ability. In my new book, "The Inheritance," you will walk hand in hand along a magical journey of awakening and awareness. You will learn, right alongside of the characters in the story... How to unlock your own Inheritance!


 "The Inheritance reads like The Celestine Prophecy; it is full of adventure, romance, and has a "leap of faith" mystery that puts you in two different worlds at the same time. It kept me spellbound!"
~Agnes J. Thomas PhD, Author, Pets Tell the Truth

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